baby bling bows

For babies three years and above or even two, they start to form their own style and demand certain clothes, colors, and accessories such as baby headbands. And so what to dress your baby or toddler in becomes not just an afterthought but a dominating thought. Having a baby is always a new experience. Both for first-time moms and been there done that moms, the process of preparing for the baby, both for before and after can be both fun and be overwhelming at the same time. So you’ve had your baby and you watch the bubble of joy grow. You decorated the nursery, shopped for the baby and now the baby is growing and you need to shop some more, and then some more.  So how do you style your child, stay on trend and not spend so much time and money thinking about it? Here are some tips to keep in mind as guidance

Comfort doesn’t have to mean boring

baby bling bows

Comfort is key. Especially when it comes to babies, parents want to make sure their kids are in the most comfortable clothing, soft and safe fabrics and accessories, and also easy to remove clothing so a parent can change diapers easily. In the past parents had to choose between comfort and fashion for their babies. This was when the only fashionable options where bedazzled, lacy and/or itchy fabric and the only comfortable options were bland white or dull colored onesies. News flash! Not anymore. Parents now have the option of beautiful stylish clothes that are also comfortable to buy for their babies and toddlers. So while shopping for your baby or styling them remember comfort doesn’t have to be boring. Dress your baby up in colorful onesies, use stickers on their denim (which is on trend), in the winter, layer up with different colors and prints of soft, cozy sweaters.

Think outside the box with colors

Boys wear blue and girls wear pink. No, they don’t have to. That’s what the cavemen did but not the savvy and fashion-forward parents of this century. When shopping for your baby, don,t stick to conventional colors and limit your options. Pink and blue are pretty colors but so is yellow, teal, purple, peach, orange etc. These gender neutral colors not only make your baby stand out they are also easy to repurpose. There are so many beautiful colors that look great on kids. Some daring parents even go black and it always turns out really beautiful. Thinking outside the box for colors also means mixing and matching colors. Go big if you dare and you will be rewarded. Don’t stick to the convention. Pair a yellow skirt with a pink t-shirt or pink pants with a blue sneaker. Mixing and matching will not only make your kids look very fashion, but it can also increase their confidence. You’re also bound to get compliments and oohs and ahhs from people. No shame in soaking it all up. A quick tip to keep in mind is the rule of 3. Don’t use more than 3 colors in the same outfit.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match Baby Headbands

Tips for Styling Your Baby with Baby Headbands

Speaking of mixing and matching, prints should not be left out. Prints are beautiful, give character and have the ability to make an outfit pop and garner attention effortlessly. Prints also photography really well so keep that in mind for your next baby photoshoot. Now not everyone has the natural inclination to mix prints so here are some tips on how to mix and match prints to create a fashion-forward and beautiful outfit for your kid/kids.

Mix prints and patterns with the same color, for example, you can pair a red polka dot dress with red striped leggings. The color helps tie it all together. In the same vein, mix different colors of the same pattern.

Mix same but different sized prints. Big circles with little circles and large stripes with skinny stripes

When it comes to stripes, go vertical and horizontal with the same outfit.

There are gems in boys section for girls

As an adult with a quirky fashion sense, I sometimes shop in the boy’s section for some rare finds, especially with t-shirts. Same goes for kids. Stroll over to the boy’s section and pick out some fun t-shirts for you girl child. Most t-shirts about science and superheroes are in the boy’s section only but our girls can be science geniuses too and deserve to feel like superheroes. Shopping at the boy’s section also gives you a variety of colors to choose from as mentioned above.

Turn Accessories Like Baby Headbands

into Necessities

Tips for Styling Your Baby with Baby HeadbandsKeeping in mind functionality and comfort for the kid doesn’t have to equate boring. You can turn necessities into accessories as well. For example, you can get bibs in fun colors and patterns to add a pop to your baby’s outfit. And hats and headbands can keep your baby warm and also serve as a fashion statement.

Hopefully, these tips will help you when next you’re shopping for and styling your baby or toddler.